Guided tour through the Imperial Vault

The Imperial Vault, also known as the Capuchin Vault, has been the burial place of the Habsburgs since 1633. Thus, over 300 years of Austrian history are witnessed here. Its the final place of more than 140 members of the nobility, among them 12 emperors and 17 empresses. The vault is open to the public.
Most impressive, for example, is the double-sarcophagus for Maria Theresia and her husband. In sharp contrast to this most lavish masterpiece is her sons most modest coffin. The sarcophagi of Emperor Franz Joseph, Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) und Crown Pronce Rudolf can be found here. The Capuchin friars are the customary guardians and caretakers of the crypt.
A tour gives you an insight to the imperial burial ceremonies, the cultural aspects of the magnificent sarcopagi and of course the lives and fates of the deceased.


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